Thursday, March 19, 2015

Swift M10T-MCS Microscopes

Swift Optical has replaced the M10LB microscope with the previously small LCD screen with the new and improved Swift M10T-MCS microscopes. The former small 3" screen has been replaced with a 7" LCD screen.

Swift M10T-MCS tablet WiFi microscopes with 7" screen.
Swift M10T-MCS tablet microscope.
The Swift M10T-MCS is available with semi-plan or plan achromat objectives. There is also a phase contrast version of this microscope - Swift M10T-MCS-MP available.

Some new features of the Swift tablet microscope include:
  • 7" LCD display
  • WiFi, mini HDMI and micro SD card connections
  • 5 mega pixel camera
  • Includes Motic Images software for editing and measuring images.
  • Android operating system.
  • WiFi supporting both hot-spot mode or using an existing WiFi network.
  • Share real-time images with multiple mobile devices.