Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Geologist Microscopes

Geology microscopes use polarizing light to examine thin sections of rock. Geologist are looking at the components and features of the rocks along with composition. They take into consideration how the rock was formed and the geological setting of the rock.

Fein Optic R40POL Geology Polarizing Microscope with reflected and transmitted light.
R40POL Geology Microscope
Geology microscopes are also referred to as petrographic microscopes or polarizing microscopes. These are a few of the features that make up a geologist microscope:
  • Polarizing filter in the light path.
  • Analyzer in the light path between the objective & the eyepiece (works with the polarizer).
  • Circular rotating stage with vernier scales for reading orientations.
  • Bertrand lens allows viewing of conscopic interference patterns.
  • Waveplate to alter the polarization state of the light traveling through it.
Geology microscope image captured at 200x.
Image captured at 200x under a geologist microscope.
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