Thursday, August 25, 2022

ZEISS Stemi 305 Stereo Microscopes

The ZEISS Stemi 305 microscopes offer a variety of illumination options on a clean, compact stand. It's easy to add a camera for digital microscopy. View images of samples captured with the ZEISS Stemi 305 microscopes here.

Darkfield Stereo Microscopy

ZEISS Stemi 305 Stereo Microscope Snails using Darkfield
Snails under Stemi 305 K EDU Darkfield

The ZEISS Stemi 305 K EDU stereo microscope provides brightfield, darkfield, and oblique illumination. 

8x - 40x Zoom Magnification

Adjustable spot illuminator.

Near Vertical Illumination.

Easily switch between brightfield and darkfield.

ZEISS Stemi 305 K EDU Microscope

Material Stereo Microscope

The ZEISS Stemi 305 MAT provides ESD protection, 48 LED Ring Light, and 8x - 40x zoom magnification. Near vertical illumination is controlled with the stand.

ZEISS Stemi 305 MAT Microscope

Lab Stereo Microscope

The ZEISS Stemi 305 LAB microscope is ideal for working in a laboratory and observing or preparing bio specimens. The mirror-based transmitted light is perfect for viewing transparent specimens. Near vertical illumination, dual spot illuminators, and brightfield / darkfield illumination all provide options for viewing samples in an ideal setting. 8x - 40x Zoom Magnification.

ZEISS Stemi 305 LAB Microscope

You can view all of the ZEISS Stemi 305 microscopes here. Have questions about what stereo microscope is best for your needs? Contact Microscope World.