Thursday, October 30, 2014

HD Digital Stereo Microscope Images

Stereo Microscope 10x 30x with HD camera
S2-TPHD Stereo Microscope
The Richter Optica S2-TPHD is a 10x / 30x stereo microscope with a high definition camera. Right now this microscope system is on closeout special and has been reduced by $200 to $799 with free shipping. This past week Microscope World captured some images with this specific setup. The LED ring light provides plenty of light and the camera captured some good images. The camera allows a live view on an LCD projector or monitor using the HDMI cable, or capture of 5 megapixel images to an SD card.

Stamp image under microscope
Postage stamp captured under the microscope at 10x magnification.

Steel under microscope at 10x
Steel Blade captured under microscope at 10x.

Printed Circuit board under microscope at 10x
Printed Circuit Board under microscope at 10x.

Plastic film at 10x under stereo microscope.
Plastic Film captured under microscope at 10x.

Monocot and dicot under microscope at 10x
Monocot & Dicot captured under microscope at 10x.

Postage stamp under microscope at 10x magnification.
Postage stamp under microscope at 10x.