Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Capturing Microscope Images through an Eyetube

Ever wonder how it might be possible to capture images through your microscope if you don't have a trinocular port? There actually is a solution to this problem.

Replacing high school microscope eyepiece with c-mount camera adapter
The images below were all captured with a student microscope by removing the eyepiece, replacing it with the Generic C-Mount Adapter (AMA050) and threading the microscope camera onto the c-mount adapter.
Generic microscope c-mount adapter
Generic C-Mount Adapter (AMA050)
microscope camera
Microscope Camera
Microscopy image of laryxn.
Larynx captured under the microscope.

Larynx under the microscope.
Larynx under the microscope.
The larynx microscope prepared slide is available for purchase as part of the Histology and Musculosketal Microscope Prepared Slide Kit.

Microscope Larynx Image
Larynx under the microscope.

Aphid captured under a biological microscope.
Aphid under the microscope.
Student microscope image of frog's blood.
Frog's blood under the microscope.
If you have any questions about how to attach a camera to your microscope, send us an email!