Friday, September 6, 2013

Student Microscopes

School is starting and if you are in the market for new student microscopes, browse the selection Microscope World has available before making your purchase. The student microscopes are categorized according to age groups to help you make an informed choice that provides the magnification and illumination that is required, with durability and longevity built in for years of student use and enjoyment:
Microscope World offers student microscopes that are ruggedized to take everyday classroom use, yet allow your students to observe a range of objects. The easy-on-the-budget, student-proofed microscopes are also equipped to prevent the loss of parts so you aren't constantly ordering replacements. Choose a digital microscope with student and teacher software which will allow students to view a specimen via an attached viewing screen (Android tablet cameras are available!) or attach the video output to a PC for classroom viewing.

Kids microscope
Elementary Student Microscope

Cordless student microscopes are also available with battery operated LED illumination and rechargeable batteries. Microscope World's dissection microscopes for students are available in cordless, single or dual magnification as well as stereo zoom microscope models.

For help choosing the right student microscope within your budget, contact us to speak with a knowledgeable microscope representative.