Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Great Ideas for Kids: Stereo Microscope Viewing

A stereo microscope is a low power microscope that typically provides anywhere from 10x - 40x magnification. Stereo microscopes are often perfect introductory microscopes for children - especially those younger kids who may not yet understand the concept of cells. Stereo microscopes are also referred to as dissecting microscopes and are typically used in high school for this purpose - dissecting frogs or other animals in order to learn about the anatomy.

Dual Power Stereo Dissecting Microscope
Dual Power Stereo Microscope

Getting kids excited about science often just requires gathering some interesting items to view under the microscope. These items in particular are perfect (and interesting!) to view under a dissecting microscope.

  • Newspaper
  • A napkin or paper towel (look at the patterns in the weave)
  • Insects found in a window sill
  • Flowers
  • Sand (how different is sand from one beach compared to another)?
  • Bread or grains (oats are perfect)
  • Fingernails - how much dirt can be found under there?!
  • Fabric
  • Grass
  • Coins and stamps
  • Press your finger on to a piece of tape - then view the fingerprint
  • Pet hair compared to human hair
Screw viewed under a stereo microscope.
Screw captured under the MW1-LD2 microscope camera.