Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Stereo Zoom Embryo Microscopes

Animal breeders who need to perform IVF and work with embryos need a stereo zoom microscope that provides a good amount of working distance for their petri dish, as well as high magnification for viewing embryos.

The following two microscopes were designed for embryo work performed by animal breeders. The FZ6-EMBRYO stereo zoom microscope provides 13x - 90x magnification. The microscope has both reflected and transmitted LED light, with the top light holding 15 LED bulbs for a bright and even illumination. Both lights have their own rheostat control.

The embryo microscope is available as a standard binocular microscope, or with a USB digital 5 megapixel camera and software. The software allows for image capture, video capture and making measurements.

FZ6 embryo inspection stereo zoom microscope with 13x-90x.
FZ6 Embryo Binocular Microscope

FZ6 digital 5mp embryo microscope with software.
Digital 5mp FZ6 Embryo Microscope