Thursday, June 9, 2016

Middle School Microscope

Richter Optica has introduced the new MDS1 middle school microscope! This microscope can be operated plugged in or cordless, as it comes with rechargeable batteries and a recharger. The LED light is a cool light that will not harm living specimens. The head rotates 360°, making it easy for multiple users to view samples.

Middle school microscope with magnifications of 40x, 64x, 100x, 160x, 400x and 640x.
MDS1 Middle School Microscope

The middle school microscope has both coarse and fine focusing, making it easier to obtain a crisp and clear image. The microscope is supplied with a 10x eyepiece, providing magnification of 40x, 100x, and 400x.

The rugged frame is all metal and coated in enamel for protection from samples and extended use. A built-in carrying handle makes transporting the microscope simple. This middle school microscope is currently on sale at Microscope World.