Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dual Observer Stereo Teaching Microscope

The MWDVS Dual Head Teaching Microscope is a common main objective dual observer stereo microscope system with a custom mechanical stage that offers both coarse and fine focusing.

Dual Observer Stereo Microscope with Common Main Objective
Dual Head Teaching Stereo Microscope System

Some of the features of this unique microscope system include:
  • Option for five fixed magnifications or continuous zoom.
  • Common Main Objective stereo microscope
  • Custom mechanical stage with both coarse and fine focusing.
  • LED Dual pipe light illumination.
  • LED pointer so second observer can see what main observer is viewing
  • Solid metal heavy base
Common main objective stereo microscope system for teaching with dual observer heads.
MWDVS dual observer stereo microscope.

Common Main Objective Stereo microscope with dual observer heads for teaching.

Common main objective stereo microscope dual observer system with custom mechanical stage.
Mechanical Stage with ability to shine light up beneath stage, as well as coarse/fine focusing.