Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Microscope Condensers and Filters

When using microscope filters or sliders with the microscope condenser, there are several locations the filters can be placed. Filters are often placed above the light source. For example, a blue or ground glass filter is often placed directly above the light, as shown in the image below. Visit this page for more information on the types of filters and their uses.

Where to place a microscope filter on a microscope.
Microscope Filter Above Light

Often microscopes have built-in filter holders located above the light source that can be swung into place above the light or moved out of the way when not in use. The image below shows built-in filter holders that swing out of place.

Microscope image showing swing-out filter holders above the light source.
Microscope with Swing-Out Filter Holders

Other microscopes will have a filter holder that slides directly into the condenser. The image below of the biological microscope shows where the filter can be placed in the slider for insertion in the condenser. Additionally, this filter slider can be removed and a darkfield slider or a phase contrast slider can be inserted in this condenser.

Microscope condenser with filter slot.
Microscope Condenser with Filter Slot

The final image below shows the same filter from above fully inserted into the microscope condenser.

Microscope condenser image with slider inserted.
Microscope Slider In Place on Condenser
If you have questions about microscope filters or microscope condensers, contact Microscope World.