Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Measuring Calipers

Microscope World now offers measuring calipers for measuring a variety of inside and outside diameters on tubes, pipes, metal fabrication and industrial manufacturing. The calipers are available in vernier as well as digital (mm and inches), and even waterproof and coolant proof versions.

Vernier caliper used for measuring outside diameter.
Vernier caliper measuring outside diameter.

Vernier caliper used to measure inside diameters in industrial manufacturing.
Vernier caliper measuring inside diameter.

Measuring calipers for offset measurements in stepped sections.
Offset digital caliper.

The digital calipers have several options for downloading the data measurements directly to a computer either with a USB cable, or with a wireless signal.

Digimatic caliper for measuring and exporting data.
Digimatic caliper for exporting measurement data.

Calipers for measuring and exporting digital data are waterproof and coolant proof.
Waterproof and coolant proof digital caliper.

All measuring calipers can be found here and most categories contain options for both vernier or digital options. If you are looking for a specific type of caliper and can't locate it please contact Microscope World, as not all calipers available are on the website.