Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Toolmaker's Microscopes

Toolmaker's microscopes are used for inspection and measurement of machined parts. The toolmaker's microscope is typically used in the quality control process when precise measurements are required.

Toolmaker's microscope with digimatic micrometer heads.
Toolmaker's microscope with digimatic measuring heads.

Toolmaker's microscopes are available with manual measuring micrometer heads, as shown below, or with digimatic micrometer heads. The manual micrometer heads are less expensive and provide measurements in either mm or inches. Measurements are made by positioning the sample in the center of the cross-line reticle in the microscope, then turning the micrometer (which controls the stage) until the edge of the part lines up with the crossline. The micrometer head measures the distance the stage moved.

Toolmaker's microscope manual micrometer measuring heads.
Manual micrometer measuring heads found on toolmaker's microscope.

Digimatic micrometer measuring head for toolmaker's or measuring microscopes.
Digimatic micrometer measuring head found on toolmaker's microscope.

The digimatic micrometer measuring head fits on the stage of the toolmaker's microscope and performs the same functions as the manual micrometer head but with a digital readout. The digimatic micrometer measuring head can easily switch back and forth between measurements in mm and inches as well.