Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fun Things for Kids to View with Microscopes

There are two types of microscopes: high power biological microscopes and low power stereo dissecting microscopes. This post lists fun items for kids to view with a low power stereo microscope.

A stereo dissecting microscope typically will have light both above and below the stage. This type of microscope is perfect for viewing any type of sample that does not allow light to pass through it. Magnification on a stereo microscope is usually between 10x-40x.

fabric under stereo microscope
Fabrics look very interesting under the microscope!
screw seen under microscope
Hardware under the Microscope
ants under the microscope (image)
Insects (this one is an Ant) under the microscope!
Postage Stamp under stereo microscope
Stamp or newsprint under the microscope

microscope image of cattail
Cattail under the Microscope

flowers under microscope
Flowers under the microscope

coin image under microscope
Coins under the microscope
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