Monday, March 24, 2014

High School Microscope Features

The Richter Optica HS-1+1 is a popular high school microscope for several reasons.

student microscope labeled diagram
HS-1+1 Student Microscope
  • Separate Coarse & Fine focusing knobs are important. Without a fine focusing knob, it is very hard to get a crisp and clear image at 400x or higher magnification.
  • A head that rotates makes it easier to position students around the microscope.
  • The 2nd eyetube allows for the addition of a microscope camera, or multiple students can view specimens at the same time.
  • The 5-position disc diaphragm helps adjust the amount of light that passes through the specimen and will allow for crisp images.
  • The rheostat control also allows for light control. Too much light can result in washed-out images.
  • LED lighting is cool and will not harm living specimens.
The video below demonstrates the features on the HS-1+1 student microscope.