Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tablets for Microscopy

Rather than using the conventional microscope camera + laptop computer for capturing images under the microscope, you may want to consider using a microscope tablet camera. The microscope tablet camera is available in both a 7" and 9.7" tablet. The 9.7" camera tablet includes advanced measuring software.

Boom stand stereo microscope with tablet camera.
Some benefits and features of using a tablet camera include:
  • 4GB built-in memory.
  • Android tablet with touch screen (can be used for other applications).
  • Built-in c-mount threads that connect to microscope c-mount adapter.
  • Mini SD card slot.
  • Larger screen directly on microscope, rather than having to use cables and place a computer near the microscope system.
If you are interested in a quote on a tablet microscope system, please email Microscope World.