Thursday, March 21, 2013

England Finder Slide

The England Finder is a glass slide marked in vacuum deposited chromium over the top surface in such a way that a reference position can be deduced by direct reading, the relationship between the reference pattern and the locating edges being the same in all finders. The object of the Finder is to give the microscope user an easy method of recording the position of a particular field of interest in a specimen mounted on a slide, so that the same position can be re-located using any other England Finder on any light microscope.

England Finder Illustration

The England finder slide consists of a glass slide marked with a square grid at 1mm intervals. Each square contains a center ring bearing reference letter and number, the remainder of the square being subdivided into four segments numbered 1-4. Reference numbers run horizontally 1-75 and letters vertically A-Z (omitting I). The main locating edge is the bottom of the slide which is used in conjunction with either the left or right vertical edge of the slide, according to the fixed stop of the stage of the microscope, all three locating edges being marked with arrow heads. The label on the finder should always appear visually at the bottom left corner when through most microscopes the reference image will appear correct. You can purchase the England Finder Slide here.