Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stereo Microscopes in Industry

Stereo microscopes, also known as inspection microscopes, are often used in the manufacturing industry to examine small parts for defects. During the production process errors can be caught quickly through quality control by viewing failures and cracks before they become part of a larger manufacturing product.

Car manufacturers use microscopes quite a bit to examine parts before assembling the entire automobile. Any sort of industry that needs to apply a coating or varnish will often use a microscope to examine the coating thickness.

These images of treated wood were sent to Microscope World to examine how deep the varnish penetrated the wood. The samples were placed under a stereo microscope and images were captured using a microscope digital camera. The software included with the camera was then used to make measurements to determine if varnish was being wasted, or if the right amount was being applied.

Treated wood captured under a stereo microscope.

If you have questions regarding the best type of microscope system for examining small parts or items with a coating on them, please don't hesitate to email us for further information.