Friday, November 16, 2012

Kids Science Affordable Gift Ideas

As the holidays approach, consider a few of the gift ideas below for your younger budding scientists. You are guaranteed to give a unique gift, and quite possibly one that will encourage learning as a fun activity.

Until recently parents had to choose between a low power stereo microscope for viewing specimens such as rocks, leaves, flowers, etc. and a high power biological microscope for viewing pond water and bacteria. However, this holiday season brings with it an affordable priced combination microscope with both low and high magnifications in one microscope. Introducing the ESH101 Kids Microscope.

High and Low Power Microscope in One: $89
This combo microscope has a light above the stage and allows for room to place larger specimens such as seashells and flowers while viewing at 40x magnification.  The light beneath the stage is perfect for the higher magnifications (100x and 400x) and allows you to view slides with pond water, cheek cells, or other microscopic specimens.

Microscope Prepared Slides: $19.95

Microscope prepared slide kits are available in a number of different options including botany, histology and zoology. Each slide kit contains a variety of prepared and labeled slides, ready to place under the microscope.

Microscope camera: $99
Have multiple kids and don't want to have to purchase multiple microscopes? Consider the MW1-LD2 microscope camera - it hooks directly up to the USB port on the computer and allows you to view a live image on the computer. Capture and save images directly to the computer.