Monday, October 22, 2012

Oil Filter Patch Microscopes

Large machinery saves an enormous amount of time when it is running properly. Downtime however, can waste countless hours, and dollars. Examining the oil filter patch from machinery is a simple process that can result in extending the working hours for machinery and solving problems before they compound and become much more expensive.

Oil filter patches from large machinery.
By using a filter patch microscope, examining particles caught in the oil filter patch is simple. Particles often include teflon, plastic or metal shards. Based on shape, color and tear patterns in the particles found in the filter patch, decisions can be made that will lengthen the life of the machinery.

Metal shaving captured in a filter patch.
Filter patch image captured with the FPHSZ6t3 filter patch microscope system.
When examining oil filter patches typically a top illuminator will suffice. However, having a light that shines up through the filter patch can be helpful in locating debris, especially at higher magnifications. The chart below explains the magnification required to view different particle sizes.

You can view a selection of oil filter patch inspection microscopes here that include both observation microscopes and systems with a camera for capturing images and software for making measurements.