Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Microscope Cleaning Kit

Keeping your microscope clean and in working order is essential for getting the maximum years of use out of your scientific instrument. Gathering the correct supplies for optimal cleaning can be time consuming. Therefore, Microscope World has assembled a cleaning kit with all the items you might need to keep your microscope functioning.

Microscope cleaning kit.
The microscope cleaning kit contains the following:
  • Soft lens brush - best for eyepiece and objective lenses.
  • Cleaning cloth - highly absorbent for water, grease, oil or other liquids.
  • Instrument microscope body cleaner - safe, fast and effective cleaner for the microscope body. Anti-static and leaves no residue.
  • Cleaning swabs - lint-free and ideal for cleaning any hard-to-reach areas on the microscope.
  • Lens wiping cloth - soft cloth for removing dirt and oil from eyepieces or objective lenses.
  • Lens cleaner - anti-static cleaner that removes dirt, dust and fogginess from lenses while creating a protective layer on lenses to prevent further residue build-up.
  • Air blower - Puff-of-air tool to gently blow dust off optics without having to touch the lenses. Ideal for preventing scratches on highly dirty lenses.
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