Thursday, September 29, 2011

Digital Microscope Comparison

There are many digital microscopes on the market, and sometimes it can be difficult to determine which microscope best fits your needs. In this post we will compare the Motic BA310 digital microscope with the Swift M10-LB digital microscope.


Each of these digital microscopes plug into the USB port, include software and will allow you to view a live image on your computer. The Swift M10-LB offers higher mega pixels (5) if using the SD removable card however, much lower mega pixels (0.3) when viewing an image on the computer or capturing the image with the software. The Motic BA310 digital microscope offers 3 mega pixels, but does not include an LCD screen or removable SD card.

Each microscope has the option for phase contrast, although the Motic BA310 Digital microscope offers more flexibility in that there are options for a phase slider (simple phase) as well as darkfield.

Human blood cells, 400x, captured with Motic BA310 Digital microscope.

Human blood cells, 400x, captured with Swift M10-LB digital microscope.

If you have any questions regarding either of these microscopes please email us.