Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Dog Hair Experiment

At Microscope World we are curious and love viewing different specimens under the microscope. The microscope expands the world we live in. Using a metallurgical microscope with reflected light, we took a look at some dog hair.

Image of dog hair was captured at 200x magnification using the MT7100 metallurgical microscope, a c-mount adapter and the DK3000 microscope digital camera.

400x Magnification.

A metallurgical microscope, such as the Meiji MT7000 series, allows viewing of objects that will not allow light to pass through them. A metallurgical microscope is used when a stereo microscope will not provide enough magnification (generally when you need to see micron size particles). Metallurgical microscopes look similar to biological microscopes, but a major difference is that the objective lenses allow light to shine down through them, providing plenty of light for a crisp clear image, at a high magnification.