Thursday, December 10, 2009

$10 Off Microscope Special

Limited time holiday special. This weekend only get $10 OFF the already discounted 131-LED cordless student microscope! This microscope makes a perfect gift for kids. With 40x, 100x and 400x magnification you can identify bacteria, protozoans swimming in pond water and even blood cells.You can also add Microscope World's Super Slide Kit and DVD, Adventures with a Microscope. The slide kit contains prepared slides, blank slides, cover slips, an eyedropper - everything you need to get started on science exploration!

Enter coupon code 10MWB at checkout for $10 OFF the 131-LED microscope. Offer valid through Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009. One coupon per order. Offer is only good on the 131-LED microscope.