Friday, November 27, 2009

Identifying Particulate Contaminates

Microscope World often helps customers configure a microscope system for identifying particulate contaminates. For example, the standards for European Pharmacopoeia Section 2.9.19, Method II: Microscopic Particle Count Test require the following:
  1. Binocular Microscope
  2. Eyepiece Reticle (Graticule) for specified type
  3. Stage Micrometer with Certification
  4. Mechanical Stage
  5. Episcopic (Reflected) Light Microscope
  6. External Illuminator with Oblique Lighting
  7. 10x Eyepieces with a 10x Objective Lens
The following microscope system was created to meet these standards. The MT7200 reflected light metallurgical microscope, paired with an IMA/USP counting reticle, stage micrometer (NIST certified), and a LED dual pipe illuminator for oblique lighting.

One of our microscope specialists configured this microscope system to meet specific standards.

If you have the need to identify particulate contaminates please give us a call. We would be happy to put a custom quote together to meet your needs.