Friday, July 17, 2009

Microscope Filters

Microscope filters are available as a mounted or unmounted filters. Green filters are often placed in the light path to improve the performance of achromat and planachromat objectives. When using phase contrast the best images are often produced in green light.

Daylight blue filters produce a desirable background to balance out the brightness of the light. The blue microscope filter is often used with microscopes that have a halogen light in them, as the halogen light tends to have a more yellow hue than other illuminators. It should be noted that the daylight blue filter was not created for photomicrography.

When using a filter that is not already mounted, the filter is most often placed over the transmitted light source. Before purchasing a microscope filter you will want to measure the diameter (in mm) of the light source to ensure that the filter will fit on top of it. Some microscopes have a filter holder, and if this is the case, measure the diameter of the microscope filter holder.