Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Microscope Eyepiece Inscriptions Explained

You may notice a variety of different inscriptions on microscope eyepieces. This post explains a few of the most common ones.
  • WF = widefield
  • 10x = magnification (10x magnification)
  • 10x/20 = 10x magnification, 20mm field of view. The number found after the magnification usually refers to the eyepiece field of view in mm.
  • C or K = compensating eyepiece. Some microscope objectives do not correct for chromatic aberration, compensating eyepieces make this correction.
  • H = high eyepoint. This is especially helpful for microscope users that wear glasses. High eyepoint means the eye does not need to be as close to the lens on the microscope eyepiece in order to view a clear image.